Pastor’s notes

Acts: Catching up with the Spirit0

This six-week Bible study on the book of Acts will begin on August 5 and go into September. It includes a book written for congregational use by seminary professor Matt Skinner, and weekly video introductions as well. You can purchase a book at church for $12, or purchase a paper or d

July Bible study on the book of Job0

Join Pastor Kristin each Tuesday in July for a bible study on the book of Job. We will study the texts for each Sunday service, and go deeper into the book. This five week series will give us a chance to explore different aspects of the book of Job and delve into the richness of this

Holy Week resources0

During Holy Week this year, we will be using a Tenebrae worship service. Below are two links to the booklet that goes with this service, containing the guides for each worship service (readings, lyrics, notes). One link has the booklet in an easy-to-read-on-the-screen format, and the

Holy Communion during physical distancing0

Among pastors around the ELCA, there has been a lot of discussion these past weeks about whether and how to do Holy Communion during physical distancing. For Lutherans, Holy Communion is a meal we share in the gathered community of faith, during which Christ is truly present “in, with
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